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AquaTime Pools Inc. was established as a one-man pool cleaning operation in 1997, by a 19 year old entrepreneur.  While cleaning friends and families pools the young man recognized a need to expand his company to include full service capabilities; from filter cleans to installing computerized boards and repairs.  Soon AquaTime added technicians and licenses growing the company with the ability to run plumbing and electricity.  As the company grew so did the dream.  AquaTime now designs and constructs the most fun and creative dream pools for its clients to enjoy year after year.


To ensure AquaTime Pools Inc. maintains its position as an exceptional pool company, we continue to explore and implement new design ideas, cutting edge technologies and services necessary to stay ahead of our competitors.  Our years of experience and willingness to work hand-in-hand with our clients, is what propels AquaTime Pools Inc. above all others.

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