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new swimming pools

Whether your focus is relaxation, exercise, aesthetic or just plain family fun, a new swimming pool from AquaTime Pools Inc. is the perfect opportunity to change your backyard into your very own custom built outdoor oasis. AquaTime Pools can help you achieve your goals with ground-breaking creations and innovative pool designs.

AquaTime Pools can build you any type of pool, from the most basic of pools to the most elaborate; showcasing water features, fire pots and multi levels. With styles varying from the natural freeform pool shapes to the more modern looking geometric shaped pools,  AquaTime Pools has experienced design consultants that will work with you every step of the way. Starting with your vision, creating a design and  developing layout of your new swimming pool. 

It is AquaTime Pools Inc’s. goal to give you the best product, and to do so, we only use the best materials.  Natural stone, long lasting deck materials, designer choices of tiles and top of the line plaster, with custom detail are included in creating the swimming pool of your dreams.  The hardware and equipment also contributes to the overall look of your swimming pool, offering the top brands in pool equipment both functional and aesthetic. Heaters, pumps, filters are essential options to the working of the swimming pool. Using Hayward, Polaris and Jandy products, ensures not only a quality product with names you can trust, but also a guarantee to stand behind. 

Lighting, fire features and water features are fun options to add excitement to any pool design.  Animated lighting by Pentair, run by smartphone can create a disco party in your swimming pool, or enhance your event by coordinating the pool color with party themes. All at the touch of a finger.  Fire features add the the exotic “flare” to any pool design. Fire pots and bowls are concrete or copper and are offered in various sizes and shapes. Water Features such as: waterfalls, water bowls sundeck spouts and water spouts all enhance the pool aesthetic both visually and with the calming sound of running water.

AquaTime Pools has the most up-to-date state of the art 3D design software. If you can dream it, AquaTime Pools Inc. can create it and show you what it will look like in an impressive animated version. AquaTime Pools can also edit the designs on site to show you what your swimming pool could look like with landscaping and outdoor spaces to transform your backyard into an outdoor retreat.

Once we have designed your perfect swimming pool, AquaTime can give options on outdoor kitchens, fire pits and landscaping, to complete your backyard dream space.

If you are in need of a new swimming pool company, contact Aquatime Pools to find out how we can help you with your new swimming pool needs. 

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