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AquaTime Pools has been in business since 1997 providing each client the excellence they deserve in a pool company. We understand that your pool is an investment in your lifestyle. AquaTime Pools is here to ensure your success in creating your dream backyard oasis by providing careful experienced planning and design. Our years of experience and drive for perfection will greatly benefit you in all aspects of designing, planning, & creating your outdoor paradise. Whether your focus is Relaxation, Exercise, Aesthetic or just plain Family Fun, AquaTime Pools can help you achieve your goals with ground-breaking creations. If you are thinking about new construction or looking to remodel your current pool, please contact us so we may show you our portfolio. If your pool is in need of repairs give us a call, we are here to serve. WE HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON 281-357-5000!

Mission Statement


Our goal is to provide our clients with quality products, superior service and creative pool designs for residential and commercial pools and spas in North Houston and surrounding areas.



AquaTime Pools Inc. was established as a one-man pool cleaning operation in 1997, by a 19 year old entrepreneur.  While cleaning friends and families pools the young man recognized a need to expand his company to include full service capabilities; from filter cleans to installing computerized boards and repairs.  Soon AquaTime added technicians and licenses growing the company with the ability to run plumbing and electricity.  As the company grew so did the dream.  AquaTime now designs and constructs the most fun and creative dream pools for its clients to enjoy year after year.

To ensure AquaTime Pools Inc. maintains its position as an exceptional pool company, we continue to explore and implement new design ideas, cutting edge technologies and services necessary to stay ahead of our competitors.  Our years of experience and willingness to work hand-in-hand with our clients, is what propels AquaTime Pools Inc. above all others.

Types of Service


Residential Pool Repair, Remodle, New construct. and Pool Maintenance. Serving Houston/nearby areas.

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Commercial Pool repair, inspection and remodel.  Will service apartment communities and subdivisions

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Residential Pool Services

New Construction

Custom Designed Pools to help your outdoor space become the oasis you have always wanted it to be,

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Pool Repair


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Pool Maintenance


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Pool Inspection


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Pool Repair


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New Construction

Whether your focus is relaxation, exercise, aesthetic or just plain family fun, a new swimming pool from AquaTime Pools Inc. is the perfect opportunity to change your backyard into your very own custom built outdoor oasis. AquaTime Pools can help you achieve your goals with ground-breaking creations and innovative pool designs.

AquaTime Pools can build you any type of pool, from the most basic of pools to the most elaborate; showcasing water features, fire pots and multi levels. With styles varying from the natural freeform pool shapes to the more modern looking geometric shaped pools,  AquaTime Pools has experienced design consultants that will work with you every step of the way. Starting with your vision, creating a design and  developing layout of your new swimming pool. 

It is AquaTime Pools Inc’s. goal to give you the best product, and to do so, we only use the best materials.  Natural stone, long lasting deck materials, designer choices of tiles and top of the line plaster, with custom detail are included in creating the swimming pool of your dreams.  The hardware and equipment also contributes to the overall look of your swimming pool, offering the top brands in pool equipment both functional and aesthetic. Heaters, pumps, filters are essential options to the working of the swimming pool. Using Hayward, Polaris and Jandy products, ensures not only a quality product with names you can trust, but also a guarantee to stand behind. 

Lighting, fire features and water features are fun options to add excitement to any pool design.  Animated lighting by Pentair, run by smartphone can create a disco party in your swimming pool, or enhance your event by coordinating the pool color with party themes. All at the touch of a finger.  Fire features add the the exotic “flare” to any pool design. Fire pots and bowls are concrete or copper and are offered in various sizes and shapes. Water Features such as: waterfalls, water bowls sundeck spouts and water spouts all enhance the pool aesthetic both visually and with the calming sound of running water.

AquaTime Pools has the most up-to-date state of the art 3D design software. If you can dream it, AquaTime Pools Inc. can create it and show you what it will look like in an impressive animated version. AquaTime Pools can also edit the designs on site to show you what your swimming pool could look like with landscaping and outdoor spaces to transform your backyard into an outdoor retreat.

Once we have designed your perfect swimming pool, AquaTime can give options on outdoor kitchens, fire pits and landscaping, to complete your backyard dream space.

If you are in need of a new swimming pool company, contact Aquatime Pools to find out how we can help you with your new swimming pool needs. 



AquaTime Pools in Cypress, TX near Houston, is a family owned and operated swimming pool company. We know time takes a toll on your home both physically and aesthetically.  Let us help you get your backyard up to date and working properly.

Whether you are looking for a basic resurface or a complete swimming pool remodel, AquaTime Pools Inc. is committed to fulfilling your swimming pool needs. 

AquaTime Pools has knowledgable swimming pool design experts that will guide you every step of the way. Design consultants will help you decide what works for you and your swimming pool remodel. No swimming pool remodel project is too big or small for Aquatime Pools.

AquaTime Pools has several options and design examples that can be shown to help clients make well-informed choices that extend the life of your swimming pool. We will provide you with the highest quality custom services at an affordable price. AquaTime Pools is here to ensure your success in creating your dream backyard oasis by providing careful experienced planning and redesign.

If you are in need of a swimming pool redesign company, contact Aquatime Pools to find out how we can help you with your swimming pool redesigning needs. 


Pool Repair

AquaTime Pools in Cypress, TX near Houston, is a family owned and operated swimming pool maintenance company. 

AquaTime Pools offers affordable and reliable swimming pool maintenance with a commitment to making sure that you are satisfied with our services every step of the way.

AquaTime Pools has the right swimming pool maintenance experts that can provide the most comprehensive swimming pool maintenance. The experts at AquaTime Pools will do what it takes to keep your swimming pool functioning and identify  potential issues, making sure they are addressed right away so that it can prevent breakdowns or surprises in the future. Our main goal is:  owning a swimming pool that is worry free. Our services include cleaning and repairing your pool when it is needed, tile cleaning and repair, green pool cleaning, and acid/chlorine washing.

AquaTime Pools Inc. has technicians that are experienced in repairing heaters, pumps and filters.  Our technicians do what they can to repair the product before counseling to replace. We have relationships with Hayward, Jandy, Pentair and Polaris in efforts to make sure your product works to its highest potential.

If you are in need of a swimming pool maintenance company, contact Aquatime Pools to find out how we can help you with your swimming pool maintenance needs. 


Pool Maintenance

Additional Information

Aquatime Pools in Cypress, Texas near Houston is a family owned and operated pool cleaning service company. 

Aquatime Pools offers affordable, and reliable pool cleaning services. Aquatime Pools can turn your pool into that bright and sparkling oasis that you have been striving for all year long. 

Our pool cleaning service technicians provide a variety of pool services and will work with you to help you to maintain your swimming pool’s condition, making sure your pool is balanced with the right chemicals, and with the routine maintenance of your swimming pool. AquaTime is experienced and knowledgable in both chlorine and saltwater pool systems.

Weekly Pool Service

$175 Monthly

Pool Cleaning, Pool Testing and Chemicals Provided

Allow AquaTime Pools to take care of your backyard investment.  We will take the worry of adding to correct amount of chemicals, ensure your equipment is running properly and keep your pool swim ready all year long.

If you are thinking about a pool cleaning service, contact Aquatime Pools to find out how we can be of service to you and your swimming pool needs.


Pool Inspections

Commericial Pool Inspection laws and list of violations. Groeme Baker Act and the safety code.

Commerical pool inspections, what we look for and offer.

Our Pools

Modern new pool design & construction. Outdoor kitchen, Fire pit & Sun deck.
Pool w/ sun shelf & spa

Modern Pool

Freeform design & new construction. Back yard oasis. Stamped patio. Sun shelf, water feature & spa.

Freeform Pool


Theme Pool



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